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SID by toboso yana

Ao no Exorcist Special Online Game

Dang! Another AnE Post! Hehe!
You must be already tired of me posting my obsession on in this anime. (>_<)
But I just had to make this entry because its so cool. xD

So I was playing this Ao no Exorcist Special Online Game.
Dunno what its called I'll call it "Kick some Coal Tar!".. I know lame right.. orz.

Here's the link if you want to play the game -> http://www.ao-ex.com/special/game/

How to Play

Select Mode

First thing you'll have is to choose a mode.
You will have only the coal tar picture, the "Free Mode" as your first time.
You can think of it as your training mode.
After you get to kill a hundred coal tar, the "Okumura Rin" mode will be unlocked and is found in the Mode Select screen.

Game Play

This is the environment. Looks like there are tons of coal tars lingering inside the school building!
You have to terminate them by clicking them. I usually leave the little ones simply because they are too small and really hard to click as some are quite fast moving. You may think they are just background nuisance but they also pop! If you have a really good eye-hand click coordination perhaps you can do it! ^^ 

Also, beware and stay alert 'coz super large coal tars pass by from time to time and real fast like a ghost but they are the easy ones to target because they are big.

When you're able to finish a target, it will break in to pieces and immediately leave the screen but more and more will come so just click and click until you reach about a hundred to get a prize.

You don't really get anything in "Free Mode" but you'll advance to "Okumura Rin" mode. 

When you advance to "Okumura Rin" mode, the game play and the environment is still the same except that when you kill a coal tar, they'll disintegrate with blue flames.

You'll get a Wallpaper when you get to kill a hundred coal tarsin Rin Mode!

I got a Rin Wallpaper!

There is also a Yukio Wallpaper. This one is won by onedayafter 

Ahhh.. so that's it...
Originally, I just wanted to share a little bit of my experience about the game but I ended up explaining it even how to play. :P


Congratulations on winning a wallpaper! *confetti* I feel like I'm bothering you too much with comments these days...

At first it was a little difficult for me but my destroying rate is getting higher as I play it more! ^^

I also gave the link to two of my friends who are fans of Ao no Exorcist and games...though one is too tired to play it at the moment and the other one is using a trackpad so it decreases the killing rate :(

Oh, I've already killed 207 tar but no Rin mode yet...only every time I reach a hundred mark (like 100 or 200) this really big coal tar starts floating across the screen with green eyes and I can't kill it. Any reasons as to why Rin mode isn't activating...? I think I'm going to give it a rest now since my eyes are feeling sore but it's so damn addictive...

Oh yeah, the coal tars remind me of black cat heads with little tails. I think they're cute. And thanks for explaining how to play ^__^
Oh thank you~! no no~ I like it that you still comment in even my pointless entries~ (>_<) hehehe~

No Rin mode yet? I believe when you get 100 coal tars, there will appear a small image on the top-right of the screen. You'll have to click it.

Also, ei~! I now got a Yukio wallpaper~! hehe~
I'll post about it maybe later or tomorrow. Right now, internet connection sucks! grrr!

Oh, I figured out how to get to Rin mode (haha) After I reached 100, there was this huge coal tar that floated across the screen and you have to keep clicking it until it explodes. I didn't do that before (just let it float across and off the screen) and I was on number 400 before I finally figured it out >.<

AND I GOT A YUKIO WALLPAPER TOO XD but it took me forever to pass the mission. This game is so addicting...

And it's okay for replying late; life gets busy sometimes ^^
400! Wow I still haven't reached that. LOL

Again, sorry for replying late. orz orz orz.

And I think it'll take time before I edit this entry on how I get my Yukio wallpaper. I kinda lost my will. orz orz orz.. *headwalls

Oh, I only reached that because I was playing the game (almost) nonstop all afternoon 'cause I was so hooked on it XP

I almost lost my will concerning Yukio since it was so hard for me to get there (kept failing the mission and my hand + eyes were hurting) and I'm not very good at the game. But I sort of cheated on the way there because after the game had been running for a few hours, my browser would start to lag so the coal tars started moving across the screen slower and I could kill more XD
also, sorry for replying so so late. (>_<)


I tried reading Ao no Exorcist, is it really that good? I kind of dropped it because it reminded me too much of DGM/ Trinity blood, all that manga that has to do with akuma and stuff.
Should I keep on reading? Is it really that good? XD

I"m currently reading Deadman Wonderland right now~

Re: hehe

Its good but for me, nothing very special. I've already seen/read other mangas similar to this so for me, nothing very new. But I still love the story, the characters, the everything! xDD

And the anime version is better than the manga~ hehe ^^

Re: hehe

Also sorry for replying so late. (>_<)

Re: hehe

Ahahah, no problem~

I see...Ao no exorcist, perhaps I'll give it a second chance after I finish a whole list anime and manga I need to watch, namely Gintama. I've been pressured...

HOw are you lately anyways?

Re: hehe

Again, sorry for the late reply... orz
Life has been a little bit busy and my monitor started being bitchy here since last week. The fonts and everything are bigger and blurred it kinda hurts to read and look at pictures. I know I will have to do a some little tweaks in the back of the computer again. *damn
mahirap man to
hindi mo lang alam pano bleh.