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SID by toboso yana


Warning: Capslock Ahead




sorry, not sorry.


Oh my gosh hahaha I remember I reacted this exact same way when I found out...and then masaonyan told me that the anime is bad (Togainu no Chi level) so don't watch it. I still haven't watched it because I've been watching two other anime and am lazy.

Actually do you still remember who I am seeing as it's been two years...

I have been away from LJ for so long that I don't even remember simple things like HTML tags anymore and the new layout of the site completely confuses me. I feel like I have to relearn everything should I ever come back. Compared to 2011 when I first made a journal, this place is even emptier and defunct now. I'm surprised people like you and masaonyan still use it.

But for some reason last night, I decided to listen to the music I had discovered around the time when I started frequenting LJ like シド's モノクロのキス, レイン, sleep, Kagrra,'s うたかた oh my God those songs are so old now and I was overcome by a feeling of nostalgia. Suddenly, I was reminded of how much I liked/was into the VK scene, how I used to be on LJ every day, and the friends I had made on there and the things I used to do. So I decided to pay it a visit.

How are you?

By the way, シド's new single ENAMEL just came out a few days ago (which is used for the opening of 黒執事 Book of Circus!) so if you would like the files, I can send them to you. I've already downloaded them.

P.S. I now realized I should probably have used PM feature instead but oh well the long comment wars shall commence again for the time being.
Ohhh my goooodness!!

Ofcourse i remember youu!! I was so surprised i got a new comment here in LJ~ xD

I have to apologize for the supper late reply. ( '_ _)
I have read your message already but instead of replying on that day, i went and check out the old comms where we used to hang out in, revisited old entries and such. And just like you, i was overcome by nostalgia.

But really... i never expected anyone to reappear but lol u came!! *hugs*
Im ok^^
How about you?

Still watching anime?
Btw, lol i know we used to discuss things about our favorite jrock bands but i cant remember if we ever discussed anything relating to BL but...uhmm sooo....y-you know BL? (>_<) (>_<) (>_<)

Ive watched togainu no chi and yes the animation was horrible but bcoz of my love for the story, i still went and watched to the end. It wasnt a really a pain. I just kinda learned to enjoy shows no matter how horrible the animation is.
But with dramatical murder, im just happy they made dmmd anime better coz, even tho they cut so many scenes (to make it look like just a shoujo anime), they're still trying to not stray away from the original story.

I still havent downloaded SID's new songs. (>.<)
Im watching the new kuroshitsuji anime and oh my goosh, when i heard the first verse of the opening song, i knew it! I knew it was SID! Lol
Even until now, im still listening to SID, Kagrra, Abingdon boys school, and other Jpop artist in my phone so i cant say i miss their voice.. but what i can say is that i miss how i get uber excited whenever i hear my fave artists are gonna have a new single or album. XD
The flailing! The squeeeels! The fangirlingggs ! Lol all of it !
But its toned down now soo. Lol.. its just so nostalgic remembering those times. XD

Oh God I forgot to reply again.

Okay this needs to stop. I need to obtain contact information of yours that's off LJ, because I visit LJ once a year or something, and it'll be impossible to have a conversation in this way. Do you have email or Facebook or something...I need to use a platform I check more frequently.

Yes, I do know BL. I haven't ever really gotten into it but masaonyan talked about it a lot to me so I definitely am familiar with stuff like Togainu no Chi, sweet pool, and DMMD. She loves SP, if you remember. It's her life.

I actually have downloaded SID's new songs, though I do not have anything past ENAMEL. I also remember back in the day when I used to be so excited when someone released new content, and would be on top of all the releases. Unfortunately, I don't have time now to keep up like I used to, but I do still listen to all of their music in my phone. Yesterday, I was moving my music into my new phone and had a wave of nostalgia seeing how much SID, Kagrra, abs, and other people I had.

I'm going to PM you my FB and email after this LOL

Edited at 2016-05-27 04:20 am (UTC)