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SID by toboso yana

August 2015



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Aug. 30th, 2013

SID by toboso yana

HAPPY BIRTHDAY~!! Seirou-san~!!!

I made a little something~
I hope you like it~ (>_<)

Click me!Collapse )

If you want to put this in your journal, you can click the repost button below. Well, that is, if you want to. hehe ^_^

Jun. 12th, 2013


Ah, my stomach...

I didn't get to be productive today because my stomach has been acting up since 2:30 am. T_T
I don't know why. Digestive problems maybe?
I hope it goes back to normal by tomorrow.

My icon is just too perfect for this.

May. 28th, 2013

SID by toboso yana

A Short Tutorial on Playing Dmmd Re:Connect Character Matching Game

This is a short tutorial on how to play Dramatical Murder Re:Connect's Mini Game entitled "Character Matching Game".
Especially made for seirou_san~ ^_^

Dmmd main menu

[Mini-Game Start!]The picture above is where you'll go when you click the MINI GAME treasure chest in the main menu.

To start playing the game, just click Start.

Dmm Select opponent

First, you need to select your opponent.
If its your first time playing, Dog!Ren will be your first opponent. Dog!Ren's match is more like a tutorial match rather than a real match just to let you see how the game works so don't be surprised if you notice you're not controlling Aoba at the moment.

Dmmd Select Skill

Next is to select a skill.
In my case I have completed the mini-game so I can choose whoever I want to use or borrow as my skill.
I choose Ren (human) or Mink (2nd) but I rarely use them. so ... ┐(’~` )┌

dmmd janken pon

Next is jankenpon or rock paper scissors. Choose one.

Dmmd offense defense

Whoever wins the janken can choose whether to play it first or not.
Select the Red one, you'll go first.
Select the Blue one, your opponent goes first.

dmmd game select

Now during the play, when you see your yellow "plate thing" shining below, that means you can click on it to activate your skill.
The number of times you can use it depends on how many stars you have.
In this screenshot, I only have one.

In the left side of the window, you can see the total number of cards each character has on the field.
Your mission is to search as much as you can.
Out run your opponent in numbers!

Good Luck and Enjoy~!! ^_^

May. 17th, 2013

SID by toboso yana

Today was a blast!!

Today was the 18th Anniversary of StarFM Radio Station here in Zamboanga, Philippines.

Of course there was food~! The Beef steak was great! omnomnomnom~ mmm~

We, the bombo volunteers danced. Lol! I think I just looked funny. hhaha!
I even danced along when Psy's Gentleman was playing! LOL!!

We had lots of fun in the station! We got to meet almost all the staffs and Disk Jockeys! They're fun!

I feel like I will never forget this day.

I'm very thankful to Maam Kenny and Sir Nonoy Caloy for training us during our volunteer training days.
I'll miss them and the rest of the Bombo Volunteers who are my new friends... Ryan, Richie, Raymond, Kenny, Francis, Daisy, Kathleen, Sir Jerry, and Sir Allain..  To Jose, my long time friend who got me to join the team, thank you man!

This update is rather short but I guess I'll settle with this.. I'm feeling a bit sleepy already. My body is so tired.

Good Night!!
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Apr. 25th, 2013

SID by toboso yana


I discovered it just a while ago! I thought my browser was having some kind of an error but no!

Take a look at this!

Apr. 24th, 2013

SID by toboso yana

I've just had the worst 10 mins of my life

This morning at around 10:26 am, my brother, my nephew named AJ and me went for a round of biking.
It has been a while since I last felt like biking so I thought I'd give it again a try.

But then I discovered I have been totally not physically fit at all. T_T

In the first 30 mins of mountain biking, I was already running out of strength; my legs were starting to cramp and I was already breathing heavily to the point that I almost felt dizzy.
I asked my brother to stop so we stopped near a shaded area.

He knows it was a bad move.
For one, I shouldn't have stopped because [inserts explanation about blood circulation, blahblah I don't remember. :P].

I climbed out of my bike.
The slight dizziness I felt has elevated quickly that I fell and sat in the wet soil but my brother forced and told me to stand up again because it wasn't good.
I almost puked. But nothing came out.
It was the dizzy feeling that really made me so uncomfortable during that period.
Not to mention the sun was strikingly hot.
I almost wanted to faint; my vision started to blur but I really forced to pull myself together because I was in an unfamiliar area.

Have you ever fainted before?
Me? yes.
Back when I was in high school. In a shopping mall. Yes, with lots of people.
And if you ever want to try to experience fainting out of curiosity, no. I tell you. It's the one of the worst feelings ever.
Well at least in my experience back then; you get dizzy, your vision blurs, you get weak especially on the knees then you blackout.
In my case, when I finally gain consciousness, I constantly had the urge to vomit, the dizzy feeling was still there, and I totally don't have the appetite.
I don't really know the cause but I think it had something to do with my stomach.
Oh well it was the story from years ago.

I strayed away from my original topic. orz.

Okay back to the topic....

When I was feeling a little bit fine, we continued.
Thank god the road was now going downhill so I didn't have to pedal hard anymore.
The road was so rocky that my sensitive area felt sore. T_T
We arrived home at around 11:16 am.
So that was my first approximately 45 mins of intense exercise (for me).

Oh well..
I only have myself to blame. T_T
I really need moar exercise!
SID by toboso yana


best news ever





Apr. 21st, 2013

SID by toboso yana

First Day Short Training for Field Reporting

Just what kind of mess have I tangled myself up into. T_T

A few days ago, my friend had me accompany him to a radio station to submit his resume as volunteer worker.
Because he was shy at first to talk to anyone in the room, I had to pull him but in the end it was I who got to talk to one of the workers there, it was actually one of the disc jockeys there... oh I forgot his name and what he was called. lol. (>.<)
So after the short intro of ourselves, he asked if we had our resumes with us and we said yes.
I was hesitant but I still gave my resume along with my friend. It was a bad move for me.

Days passed. And it's now Sunday.

I went totally and mentally unprepared.

When we got there, of course we were first oriented before we go to the actual field reporting.


Before today, I never expected that I'd be interacting with people I don't even know. *sniff*
I had to interview some people as a form of training for field reporting.
Me and one volunteer only had to collect information because we said we might need to observe first so we didn't do any actual live reporting yet.
But still *sniff* I used up a lot of my energy.


Had too much interaction.
I had to sleep for an hour in the afternoon to gain back my energy.
Can't believe I got myself into a very extroverted world.
Its just going to be for awhile so I hope for the best.

Oh My Gosh! Wish Me Luck~!!!!!!!!!!

Apr. 19th, 2013

SID by toboso yana

[Not Finished] Lancer Oil Pastel Experiment

First time using oil pastel ever. I'm sorry Lancer, I'm going to use you for my experiment.  oh lancer, poor lancer. but ILU.


Apr. 14th, 2013

SID by toboso yana

(no subject)

*sniff sniff* I did not make it again in the livestream. T_T

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